Cutting Room

The first licensed bar on Cutting Room Square in Ancoats Manchester. Bringing you tea with your breakfast, a glass with your lunch and signature cocktails with your dinner.


About the Cutting Room

In the heart of Ancoats the industrial cotton revolution started and the worlds first industrial suburb was born putting Manchester on the map for years to come. With all great areas there tends to be an economic decline and Ancoats was no different seeing one in the 1930's and 60's. With any good story there are ups and downs and Ancoats is certainly in the midst of an up right now with over one billion pounds being pumped in to the area to make this the most desirable city suburb.

With all this history around the area we fell in love with the idea of opening its first licensed cafe bar on Cutting Room Square and to be part of something quite unique. So we developed a very small space in to the Cutting Room with a fully operating kitchen serving breakfast, lunch and dinner till 11pm. Hand selected coffee blends and craft beers from all over the world are available with draft beer on tap for those who like a good old pint.